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Warehousing and Distribution

Prodigy Healthcare is an importer, exporter and distributor of quality healthcare supplies. We were the first W.H.O Good Distribution Practices certified company in Kenya, assuring you of the quality and integrity of our products from the manufacturer right to our client.



– We will handle the whole works from ‘ex-works’ factory to ‘landed’ Kenya

Warehousing of Medical Devices under GDP for Kenya

– Temperature and humidity monitored, high security with CCTV surveillance and secure access & GDP Certified.

– Our GDP certified warehouse is approved for Class A, Class B, Class C & Class D risk classes of medical devices which may include single-use sterile, single-use non-sterile, re-usable medical devices, single-use contact lenses, re-useable opthalmic devices, re-useable medical devices, electro-mechanical equipment or medical devices, medical device class consumables

Warehousing of Pharmaceuticals, Biologics & Bio-similars for Kenya

  • Cold chain toolkit for proper management of cold chain products from reception to distribution to the end user
  • Refrigerated storage (2-8 Deg C), humidity controlled storage for pharmaceuticals, biologics & biosimilars
  • Temperature and humidity monitored, high security with CCTV surveillance and secure access & GDP Certified.


– Local logistics within Kenya – to clinics, hospitals & pharmacies.

– Ability to export to any country in Africa with the proper documentation and packaging for regular and cold chain products

Invoicing & AR (Accounts Receivables)

Multiple working models are available:

– Invoicing under your company name

– Invoicing through Prodigy Healthcare Limited

– Separate database for own company invoicing available. The software can also be enabled for online access anywhere in the world to facilitate invoicing by own company and printing in Prodigy Office

Medical Device Importer, Dealer, Storage in Kenya

– We can help your company Import, Store / Warehouse, Distribute ALL CLASSES of medical devices for Kenyan market

Set-up & management of YOUR OWN GDP warehouse in Kenya

– We are able to set-up and manage a new GDP warehouse for your company under a turnkey project management basis and handover the completed project to your company. This will save you time and alleviate the set-up difficulties for your company and allow your staff to focus on what you do best.

– we will enable you set up a Pharmacy and Poisons Board compliant facility for successful premise licensing

Named-Patient-Basis Import of Medicine and Orphaned-Drugs Import for Kenyan Market

– We can source and supply of specialty medicines under Special Access Program. We have a strong network that offers cost advantages and stability of supply to our customers.

  • Wholesale / Distribution: Branded Generic & Specialty Medicines
  • Market Shortages, Unlicensed / Unregistered Medicines
  • Named Patient / Compassionate Procurement /Emergency Healthcare needs

Bonded Warehouse: Import for Re-Export of Medicine and Orphaned-Drugs

– We can help source & import and re-export medicines or orphaned drugs for Regional Countries

– The bonded warehouse can be used for products in-transit to other countries, even though the products are not registered in Kenya

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